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Search Engine Optimization for Orange County

The 6 Steps applied to Search Engine Optimization

Web Design 4 Orange County’s 6 Steps to success with SEO.

Step 1 – Identify Organization’s Online Goals / Objectives
Which of your organization’s online goals can be helped with SEO? How will the increased traffic to your site as a result improved visibility enable you to meet your online goals? The quality of search traffic varies greatly, however visitor intent can ascertained from the keywords they type in. Matching online goals to visitor intent will help you zero in on keywords that will bring the highest quality traffic to your site.

Step 2 – Create Current Snapshot
In this step we do a complete analysis of your visibility on the major search engines. Branded and generic keywords related to your space are measured to get rankings of your site as well goal completion rates. Rankings of your major competitors are also examined to find out what is working for them and where potential gaps of opportunity may exist.

Step 3 – Develop Strategy
Using the goals from Step 1 and current visibility and conversion info from Step 2 we identify keywords to target. We then develop specific benchmarks for KPI’s and a clear path to achieve them. On-site and off-site techniques along with inbound marketing are mapped out.

Step 4 – Build Out
New pages are developed and improvements to existing pages are completed as required. Link building campaigns are setup.

Step 5 – Execute
Roll out off-site and on-site improvements according schedule in strategic plan.

Step 6 – Measure Results
Search engine sometimes take a couple months to adjust their rankings, after which things will improve and you will be able to measure your results. Adjust the strategic plan accordingly, implement then measure again until you reach your KPI targets.

We can help you set and achieve clear Search Engine Optimization goals for your website



The 6 Steps

Our Unique 6 Step process will be your guide to online success.

  1. Identify Organization's Online Goals / Objectives – Ask the Why and What questions.
  2. Create Current Snapshot – Survey the landscape, you and your competition.
  3. Develop Strategy – Create a specific plan to reach measurable success benchmarks based around your goals.
  4. Build Out – Build pages and content as required in strategic plan.
  5. Execute – Roll out new content based on calendar.
  6. Measure Results – Measure then adjust and adapt the plan to based on consumers behavior to maximize goal completions.
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