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Huntington Beach Web Design

Looking for Huntington Beach Web Design?  Web Design 4 Orange County can help you create the most effective website for you and your visitors.  We are web designers dedicated to helping clients achieve their online goals.  You need to have clearly goals and a strategy to meet your goals.   For Huntington Beach web design, if you don’t have specific goals for your site your visitors will know. They need to have clear paths to follow so the largest number of them complete the goals you have set for them.

Huntington Beach Web Design Strategy

Whats sets Web Design 4 Orange County apart from other web designers in Huntington is our focus on goals and strategy.  We have developed a unique 6 step plan that can be applied to most online channels.  Our plan ensures that you have clearly defined goals for your visitors that are based on organizations goals.  We help you identify specific numbers to monitor.  These Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) give you insight into how your website is performing in respect to helping visitors reach their goals.  We set achievable benchmarks for you to reach and then setup a strategic plan for you to reach them.  This significantly improves the user experience because your website will be designed around helping your visitors reach their goals.

Affordable Huntington Beach Web Design

Our websites start at $500, call us or fill out our contact form for a free analysis of your current site and/or quote for a new consumer centric site.  Your customers and you accountants will be pleased.  We build most of our site on WordPress, a open-source blogging platform that is very easy to update and maintain.  Huntington Beach Web Design with WordPress site are very search engine friendly, so most customers see a significant improvement ranking and number of visitors right away.

 Not only Huntington Beach Web Design

We can help you improve and optimize all of your online channels.  Why am I repeating Huntington Beach Web Design so many times? SEO, Search engine optimization which increases your ranking in google and the number of visitors to your site.  Our 6 step process can be applied to SEO, Social Media, Blogging, E-Commerce or just about anything else.  Goals are the Key.  We are a one-stop shop providing Hosting, Video Production, copy writing in addition to web design.

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The 6 Steps

Our Unique 6 Step process will be your guide to online success.

  1. Identify Organization's Online Goals / Objectives – Ask the Why and What questions.
  2. Create Current Snapshot – Survey the landscape, you and your competition.
  3. Develop Strategy – Create a specific plan to reach measurable success benchmarks based around your goals.
  4. Build Out – Build pages and content as required in strategic plan.
  5. Execute – Roll out new content based on calendar.
  6. Measure Results – Measure then adjust and adapt the plan to based on consumers behavior to maximize goal completions.
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